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dispay Superstar Award 2020


POS marketing is a very dynamic discipline. Accordingly, the competition format of the display Superstar Award has to be adapted to the market conditions in order to meet current developments. With a selective adaptation of the competition categories, the display publishing company takes account of the current developments in the market. The existing and highly valued division of the competition categories based on the used materials (wood, metal, plastic and cardboard) remains, but have been refined.

The category “display main material: cardboard” has been divided into two categories:
     displays made of cardboard with a basic format up to and including 40 x 60 centimeters (quarter pallet)       
     displays with a basic format larger  than a quarter pallet.

A new categorisation for cardboard displays

In recent years, the number of nominees in the category “display main material: cardboard” has steadily increased. As a result, high-quality works have not been awarded with the Oscar of the POS industry. In addition, the application area of cardboard displays is extremely manifold. Floor-standing displays with a base area of 3 x 2 meters competed with small filigree counter stands. The purpose of these displays, although both made of cardboard, are so different that they are not comparable. For a better evaluation the display team has therefore decided to divide this category by size.


New: prototypes und POS technology

Also new are two additional categories. With the launch of the prototype category, the display Superstar competition opens up opportunities for sales promotions and communication tools that have not yet been POS-tested. New technologies, approaches or innovations can struggle to gain a foothold. With the introduction of the competition category prototype, display provides a wide platform to studies and experiments.

The category POS technology, on the other hand, provides suppliers with a platform to demonstrate their solutions for a better display. Under the motto "pimp my display", this category is aimed at suppliers and their solutions that improve the performance of a POS campaign. Whether they are visible to users or shoppers, or not. The range extends from small inserts that guarantee a higher stability of a cardboard display, goes through tools for a better perception (light and sound), self-feeding system, intelligent pallets up to innovative printing and processing techniques. There are no limits to the category supplier. Any addition that strengthens a display and its communicative or sales promoting skills is right here.

The display Superstar Award is more than an award for an excellent POS promotion as well as for the creative minds behind it. Especially with the expansion of the competition format in the areas of prototypes and suppliers, we reinforce our function as a stimulus and engine for innovations. Both are essential for further development and optimization of the communication and sales promotion tool display.


Presentation of exhibits at the viscom trade fair

The competition display Superstar Award will be held at the trade fair trio PSI, viscom and PromoTex Expo (7–9.January 2020). All submitted exhibits will be presented during the three exhibition days on a 500 square meter special area, accessible to all the expected 25.000 visitors. 


Night of the stars January 8th

On the basis of the evaluation of a jury consisting of independent POS and display specialists, the best displays as well as packaging solutions will be awarded with the Superstar Award on the evening of the 8th January at the "Night of Stars" award ceremony in the Rheingoldsaal at Rheinterrasse in Düsseldorf (Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 33, Düsseldorf). Over 170 guests from industry, brands, trade, and press will be there, when the best of the best will be awarded in a festive atmosphere. The "Night of Stars" is also an ideal place for networking. For each exhibit entering the display Superstar contest the applicant will receive an admission ticket to the "Night of Stars". More cards are available separately, please contact the the publisher of the display magazine. 

In order to register for the display Superstar Awards 2020 the participant must complete the registration form within the brochure. This form must then be signed and sent to the publisher of the display magazine, fax: +49 (0)4531 89786-22 or e-mail:

The display Superstar Award ist more than just a competition. Each exhibit will be shown and described in the "yearbook display Superstar 2020" (Link yearbook 2019). The display Superstar Yearbook 2020 has a circulation of 15,000 copies. The presentation of the exhibit takes place on a whole page and includes a picture of the exhibit, indication of submitter, producer, customer designer as well as information about the POS campaign and contact details. The display Superstar Yearbook 2020 will be attached to the display February issue. In addition, the submitter of the exhibit will receive 20 copies of the display Superstar 2020 Yearbook for his own use. Of course, the content of the Yearbook will be digital distributed. In addition, the Yearbook will be presented to journalists of the POS sector.

Submitter and winners of the display Superstar Award competition also benefit from extensive coverage before and after the fair in the magazine display as well as in other relevant media of the POS sector. 

For further information about the display Superstar competition please refer to the brochure or contact our sales team.