Superstar 2016

The 23rd edition of the display SUPERSTAR draws closer. 

In cooperation with the viscom POS trade fair in frankfurt the display magazine presents its display and POS competition for 2016.

All the submitted exhibits beckon not only the chance of winning the prestigious display Superstar Award. Rather, each exhibit will be shown on all three days of the viscom POS trade show (2nd to 4th November 2016) on a central and attractive exhibitions space only dedicated to participants and there exhibits of the display Superstar competition. Of course, each exhibit will be shown with indication of producer, designer and customer. The display Superstar exhibition space is a magnet for the more than 11,000 expected visitors at the viscom POS 2016.

In order to register for the display Superstar Awards 2016 the participant must complete a registration form. This form must then be signed and sent to the publisher of the display magazine, fax: +49 40 3006056 22 or e-mail:

Particularly noteworthy is, that the display Superstar Award ist more than just a competition. Each exhibit will be shown and described in the "yearbook display Superstar 2016" (Link yearbook 2015). The display SUPERSTAR Yearbook 2015 has a circulation of 15,000 copies. The presentation of the exhibit takes place on a whole page and includes a picture of the exhibit, indication of submitter, producer, customer designer as well as information about the POS campaign and contact details. The display SUPERSTAR Yearbook 2015 will be attached to the display December issue. In addition, the submitter of the exhibit will receive 20 copies of the display SUPERSTAR 2015 Yearbook for his own use. Of course, the content of the Yearbook will be digital distributed. In addition, the Yearbook will be presented to journalists of the POS sector.

A must is of course the "Night of Stars" in the evening of the second day of the viscom POS trade fair (3rd November 2016). On that evening the Awards in platin, gold, silver and bronze will be awarded in 18 categories. Over 150 guests from industry, brands, trade, and press will be there, when the best of the best will be awarded in a festive atmosphere. The "Night of Stars" is also an ideal place for networking. For each exhibit entering the display Superstar contest the applicant will receive an admission ticket to the "Night of Stars". More cards are available separately, please contact the the publisher of the display magazine. 

Submitter and winners of the display Superstar Award competition also benefit from extensive coverage before and after the fair in the magazine display as well as in other relevant media of the POS sector.

For further information about the display SUPERSTAR competition please refer to the brochure or contact our sales team.